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All photos are property of Digging Texas! and Bob McWilliams - You are welcome to copy and use them in a noncommercial setting.  Just please give Digging Texas! credit.
All good things must come to an end!  
Hello Digging Texas members and artifact enthusiasts!  
The dig site is being covered up and we will be moving on to new things in 2018.  
What a great site the Pipe Creek dig site was! - for approximately a 1/2 acre site I don't think we have ever had such a prolific site for such a small area.  
We have had huge sites that produced for over 4 years but nothing this small with so many artifacts coming out in that little area.
Many cultures camped on top of each other for 10,000 years (we found artifacts back to 10,000 years - a couple partial Plainviews).  I need to count and name the all the cultures found there, it was a lot! That is what it takes to make a super site - lots of cultures over thousands of years - that produces a - HotSpot!
Thanks for checking in and following the Pipe Creek dig site!  The site is officially now closed
If you would like to get notifications of our next dig site must send an email to diggingtexas@gmail.com, put dig list in the subject line!  I will add you.
Bob McWilliams